Coconut Candy Green Beans Dessert

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I like Coconut Candy but can't really finish the entire packet. Good things should not go on waste. Hence I hatched a brilliant idea to 'consume' all the coconut candies in one go before they went expired. I was a bit skeptical with my wild idea as I have never tried cooking green beans sweet dessert 'tong sui' with coconut candy before. Will it turn out as good as the traditional method with palm sugar? However it turned out to be super good and sharing in the post today is the recipe of the sinful coconut candy green beans dessert.

You just need these THREE ingredients.
175g green beans or mung beans (soaked over night)
200g coconut candy (basically the whole packet)
1.5 liter of water

1.Strained the soaked green beans and wash to remove any remaining particles. Set aside.
2. Pour in 1.5 liter of water in a pot and boil the green beans under medium high heat for 15min.
* Use a strainer to remove the foam from the surface.
3. Under medium heat, boil the green beans for 1.5 hours or until the beans turn soft.
4. Add in the coconut candies and boil for another 10 min. Stir well to dissolve the candies.

Voila ... the coconut candy green beans dessert is ready to be served. Usually the green beans dessert is served with coconut milk but you can skip the coconut milk with this recipe. The coconut candy itself already contained coconut milk and cornflour. This is also the reason of the smooth texture as the cornflour is contributing to this wonderful texture.

You may serve the dessert hot or cold. I especially like the cold version as they are the ideal snack for hot summer days!
Gula Kelapa 椰糖

Coconut candies are made from coconut milk, sugar, cornflour and milk powder.  They may look like the normal caramel candies (slightly darker brown in color) but with different taste profile. The coconut candy has a very strong coconut milk taste. If you like coconut milk, then you will definitely fancy coconut candies.

Zipangu Shangri-la: Luxurious Japanese Treats

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Luxurious Japanese Treats at Zipangu
The unagi bento is main reason for my repeated visits to  Zipangu Japanese restaurant at Shangri-la Hotel. Regardless on constant reminders to try out other dishes in the menu, my option is always the same. Yeah, I listen to my inner instinct as it knows exactly what I desire.
Grilled eel at Zipangu
The unagi serve here are high in quality, fresh, thick and fleshy. The skin of the unagi is lightly charred while the flesh remained tender and juicy. Grilled to perfection, every bite is so satisfying. Those unagi sold in supermarkets or common Japanese food chains are simply incomparable. Those off-the-shelf pieces are thin in slices and sometimes with fishy smell. The one served here are fresh with no trace of fishy smell. The difference is due to the usage of Sea eel instead farmed fresh water eel.

You may order the unagi bento set or Ala-cart unagi which comes with 5-pc of thick sliced unagi (MYR89). They are ideal as snack or side dishes. I would recommend the bento set as it served with a side dish, rice, miso soup and chanwanmushi. Of course you will get only 4pc of smaller unagi slices.

Zipangu Kuala Lumpur
The teriyaki cod fish is second in the line after unagi which I will recommend. The cod is so fresh and the flesh was oh so flaky. The teriyaki sauce is rather mild as the chef would like to showcase the natural taste of the fish.
I had also tried the Saba fish set, lobster and wagyu beef set and sushi set before. The Saba fish set is normal but the wagyu beef set is worth a try. The lobster and beef slices are pan fried, tepanyakki style and served with tangy ponzu sauce. Very appetizing instead. The sushi set is not my thing, perhaps I am not a sashimi person and do not appreciate 'raw seafood' well. I instantly felt that I experienced iron overdose after the sushi set. The zinc and iron taste kept lingering in my breath and I felt discomfort the whole day. Even several mouth washes can't remove the smell.
Luxurious Japanese Treats at Zipangu
If you still have room for dessert, do try the mochi red beans with green-tea ice cream. The warm glutinous rice ball mochi contrast perfectly with the green-tea ice cream accentuated further by the sweetness from the red beans to form a truly balance taste. For those who prefer fresh fruit, the strawberries jelly will be a great option. It is indeed very refreshing, all natural with only natural sweetness from the fresh strawberries.

Best Summer Dish Taiwanese Style Cold Noodles

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Yeah, the great summer is finally here. I am so excited as I can now ditch all the thick clothing and start embarrassing the sun with sleeveless T-shirts and shorts. Besides ice- cream, I know exactly the perfect dish to be enjoyed during the hot summer. I bring to you the Taiwanese style cold noodle with sesame sauce.

2tbsp  peanut sauce
1tbsp  sesame sauce

2tbsp  of warm water
1tbsp  soy sauce
1tsp    of sesame oil
1tsp    rice vinegar
1tsp    sugar
1clove of garlic (smashed)
noodles (any type of your favourite noodles)
shredded carrot
shredded cucumber
shredded egg

1. In a bowl, dissolve the peanut sauce and sesame sauce with warm water.
2. Add in all other sauce ingredients - sesame oil, sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce and minced garlic.
3. Cook the noodles based on the instructions on the package.
4. For chewy texture, run the cooked noodles in cold tap water for a couple of minutes.
5. Plate noodles in the center of the bowl, arrange shredded carrot, cucumber & egg around the noodles.
6. Drizzle the sauce, mix everything well and enjoy.

For the extra sauce, you may store them in a mason jar and keep in the fridge for use later. Before drizzling the sauce on the noodle, you just need to shake the sauce well in the mason jar. I usually make more sauce to last me for a couple of weeks.


Delicious Mushroom Eggplant Fritata Recipe

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The best fritata i ever tried was the one at The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, Barcelona. Unlike the usual fritata (just egg with potatoes), this fritata was packed with plenty of greens i.e. eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato etc. The ingredients were so generous and it was not a surprise that a piece of fritata was almost as thick as a slice of regular Oreo Cheese Cake served in Starbucks.
Today I am going to replicate the tasty fritata with my favourite ingredients: button mushroom (250g, sliced), onion (2 medium size, sliced), eggplant (a medium size, cut into cubes), potatoes (400g, cut into cubes)  and eggs (4 beaten eggs). Seasoning is very basic, merely some salt, sugar and pepper will do.

1. Heat up some cooking oil in skillet, pan fried the egg plant till soften. Set aside.
2. Repeat the same for potatoes. Pan fried till lightly golden brown. Set aside.
3. Next, sauteed the sliced onions. Once the onions are caramelized, add in the sliced button mushrooms.
4. Next, add in the eggplant and potatoes cubed prepared earlier and stir well with onion and mushroom.
5. Add in the seasonings, some pepper, sugar and salt (according to taste) and stir-well
6. Pour in the egg mixture over the ingredients in the pan and cook for 5 to 6 minutes.
7. Constantly slide the pan over the stove top, so the egg will not get burn. Preferable medium heat.
8. Place a wide and flat plate over the pan, then flip the pan.
9. Carefully place the fritata back to the pan with another side underneath the pan and cooked for another 5 minutes till the shape is set.

By then, you should have a perfectly intact and round fritata. Cut and serve your fritata with some salad. I am serving mine with vinegar dressing carrot salad.

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